Jon’s world


I like to capture images.

Some of the images here you may like, some you may not, but they are all on here because they mean something to me.

I also have an interest in digital manipulation and have been using Adobe Photoshop for many years now.  Having said that, I have only scratched the surface of what it can do and strive to be better at using its black arts.

‘The Eye’ -  The instinct that a natural photographer has to see the shot and take it.  I can appreciate a good photograph, but struggle to see it in reality when I have a camera in my hand.

But I am always striving to improve and in my favour is that pixels are free, so I can take as many as I want....

So, I will continue to try and improve in the hope that more practice will pay dividends.

Thank you for looking...


welcome to the world as seen through my various lenses